Carbonell Borja, provides its sales, repair, and maintenance services both nationally and internationally.

For this, it has a physical presence in more than 10 countries, and distributors in the rest of the world.

Our main added value has always been to be at the customer’s side in the event of any incident that might occur.

Thanks to our continuous experience and innovation for over 50 years, we can always offer you the best solution for every use. “Right product on the right time”.


Given that the majority of these are personalized products for each type of industry and sector, Carbonell Borja has a wide range of materials in its warehouse to give a quick response to an everyday more exigent market.

Currently, we distribute our products in over 50 countries, and we are partners of the main world producers.

After-sales service

The success of the company has always been based on the customer needs, and thanks to these work policies, the established objectives have been met.

A good attendance requires a good after-sales service, and for it all, day by day we adapt our facilities with the resources required.

Installation and maintenance

At Carbonell Borja we have a team of professionals prepared to carry out the vulcanization of conveyor belts and transmission belts at the foot of the machine, when the situation requires it, both for Spanish and international clients.

Asistencia técnica - SAS
Carbonell Borja dispone de un Servicio de Asistencia Técnica 24 horas.

A través de nuestro servicio de asistencia podrá recibir asesoramiento en el momento sobre la instalación, reparación, venta o mantenimiento.

Contamos con un equipo técnico especializado en la resolución de emergencias que pudiesen producirse en el día a día de su empresa.
Tel: +34 96 552 20 82