Spiked lattices conveyor belts for upper feeders and laths conveyor belts

Spiked lattices conveyor belts for upper feeders: special spike conveyor belts with plastic or beech wood slats and anti-static PVC band, easy to clean and manufactured endless or with metal joints and without any limitation of measures.
Lattices conveyor belts: manufactured in plastic, beech wood, or metal, for any kind of machines and sectors.

Characteristics and usages

  • Monoblock: lattices conveyor belt in which the laths and the PVC band are the same piece.
  • Upper laths: the laths are mounted on an antistatic PVC conveyor belt traction on the roller.
  • Inner laths: the laths are mounted under an antistatic PVC conveyor belt, improving the detachment of the product with greater flexibility.
  • Plastic lattices conveyor belts: built with antistatic plastic laths and with profiles intercalated between themselves to prevent the passage of fibres inside.
  • Aluminium lattices conveyor belts: recommended for working with wet and dirty fibres or when there is a fire hazard.
  • Wooden lattices conveyor belts: made of beech plywood or laminated and compressed beech plywood, attached with screws or rivets to synthetic / leather / nylon straps or combined with PVC band.

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